Hens creating body art

is hands-on and so much fun

Our classes can be tailored to your tastes, ranging from traditional to as interactive as you like. Take the excitement of your life drawing class to a whole new level when you arrange for your session to include full body painting on your gorgeous model! They become your living, breathing work of art.

Body painting is a ‘hands on’ art form that has been used throughout time. It is your turn ladies to channel your inner ‘Michaelangelo’ for an entertaining and fun addition to your hens party that will make it an unforgettable experience. With the model as your living canvas, this party event allows you to get up close and personal, feeling the outline of the model’s body while experiencing the use of different art materials and textures.

Do incredible things to these gloriously nude canvases. It is up to you to artistically invoke the image of a superhero, Adam from the Garden of Eden, or simply use the model’s contours to paint by numbers! It’s not about perfection – this is simply infectious fun, and will have all the girls giggling.

Body painting hens night idea

Once finished, be amazed at your group’s collaborated moving art piece! Please note that due to venue facilities, our hens party body painting classes are only available at private residences, so that the model can shower after the event.

Foxy Hens Party body painting

You are in total control of how interactive your painting session is. The model can wear speedos or be nude. You can use brushes, rollers or your hands. It may be a once in a lifetime experience and every hens party that has included a ‘live’ canvas painting has raved about how much fun it was. Want to know more? Check out photos of some of our recent painting parties below, and what our ‘hands-on’ artistic hens had to say about their evening with Foxy Hens Party.


What our artistic hens say


Oh I LOOOOOVED the nude art class! What a fabulous idea! You girls... you girls did so well 😙😙


I couldn’t have asked for a better night! Thank you Scott and Caroline for a totally fun, crazy and eye opening hens night that my guests and I enjoyed immensely. I laughed more than I have for yonks and I loved seeing everyone get into the infectious artistic mood topped off with a little eye candy!! my friends will be talking about this for a long time. Thanks to Eloise my best friend for arranging it !! 5 Stars.


Such a fun hens night! Scott was really lovely and did a great job. Would definitely recommend. 5 Star.

Such a fun night, would recommend them for sure!


We had fabulous, carefree afternoon with Scott & Karalyn! Our artistic skills may not have improved greatly but we thoroughly enjoyed the life drawing class – absolutely memorable! Scott is down to earth, fun and professional! Highly recommended! 5 Stars.


Thank you so much to Foxy Hens Parties – I organised the life drawing with body painting class for my best friend’s hens and the ladies all had a great night! We had so much fun and I had no problems organising the event. The model, Cesar, and the teacher were lovely. Would definitely recommend for a tasteful, fun night.


I loved it, the guests loved it and most of all the hen loved it! Couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Check out the Foxy Gallery to see photos of recent hens parties.

What is body painting?

Body painting is a temporary form of body art, with a rich history of ancient tribes using clay and natural pigments to decorate the human body to share their culture and heritage. It still continues to be used by indigenous groups today, but has also become a contemporary art form with annual world body painting festivals and contests bringing together art lovers and artists alike to enjoy the beauty of art and the human form. Your hens group is going to love this!