Hens creating body art

is hands-on and so much fun

Take the excitement of your life drawing class to a whole new level when you book for a body painting class. The gorgeous model becomes your living, breathing work of art.

Body painting is a ‘hands on’ art form that has been used throughout time. It is your turn ladies to channel your inner ‘Michaelangelo’ for an entertaining and fun addition to your hens party that will make it an unforgettable experience. With the model as your living canvas, this party event allows you to get up close and personal, feeling the outline of the model’s body while experiencing the use of different art materials and textures.

Once finished, be amazed at your group’s collaborated moving art piece! Please note that due to venue facilities, our hens party body painting classes are only available at private residences.

Foxy Hens Party body painting

You are in total control of how interactive your painting session is. The model can wear speedos or be nude. You can use brushes, rollers or your hands. It may be a once in a lifetime experience and every hens party that has included a ‘live’ canvas painting has raved about how much fun it was. Want to know more? Check out photos of some of our recent painting parties below. Contact us now for a Body Painting quote.

Body Painting Hunk

Check out the Foxy Gallery to see photos of recent hens parties.


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