All about our Melbourne hens nude life drawing parties

Foxy Hens Party puts on a hysterical event with music, completely nude male model, champagne and drawing games that will have even nana crying with laughter.

We understand that this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we do everything we can to make sure it’s a memorable one! We provide you with a very obliging (and very naked) male model to pose for you and get the creative juices flowing.

He can be dressed according to the themes of your choice, so whether you’re after a burly lumberjack, a suave James Bond or a naughty dominator, we can cater to your wildest dreams for your event.

Our packages for life drawing hens parties in Melbourne include a 1 and 1/2 hour (90 min) class at the location of your choice. You receive an experienced teacher and model, drawing materials, games, and a post-class photo shoot with your model. Many of the ladies who take our classes are surprised by what they’re able to create, even with little artistic experience. So find out what you and the girls can get up to by booking with us today! PLUS on booking your party, we’ll send you Foxy Hens Party saucy Invitations Template – just add your party’s details, print and send.

Classes run seven days a week and we do not have a set schedule.

We can be your waiters

If you’re after a more exciting way to serve your guests, why not call upon our waiters? We can provide either scantily clad or buck naked waiters, to serve your guests. Have our waiters look after your guests to ensure they all have a fabulous time, creating a fun, relaxed environment to get your party started.
Just contact us to find out more about this service.

Body Painting

Take the excitement of your class to a whole new level when you arrange for your session to include body painting on your gorgeous model! An ancient art technique now adds a ‘hands-on’ element to the fun of your event! With the model as your canvas, this element allows you to get up close and personal, feeling the outline of the models body while experiencing the use of different art materials and textures. Once finished, be amazed at your groups collaborated art piece! Please note that due to venue facilities, we are only able to conduct body painting at private residences.